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เปิดรับจองนะคะ รังสวยๆสนใจทักมาเลยค่ะ — at Noble Birdnest Trading Thailand

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@Thomas_A2_ by killing people? by ruining other people’s lives? trading lives isn’t noble and it’s not going to save people.

3 weeks ago

Efarm News Ar

In 2017, after acquiring Nidera and Noble, Chinese trading company COFCO had made the great jump ahead shipped 8.2…

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RT @nigrum__lepus: 【譲渡】ツキウタ。 缶バッジ アクキー ORIGIN オリジン NOBLE FLOWERS スパコミ Graff Art グラフアート 月歌夏祭り 文化祭 幼少期 譲:駆- 、恋、新、葵、涙、陽、夜、郁 求:定価(+送料) 4枚- 目の譲渡最…

3 weeks ago

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