Nomura tweets

Lauren Weiler

@keriann_nomura are there baby coyotes out there? ;)

11 years ago


I fell for her like a suicide from a bridge.

11 years ago

Mr. Nice Guy

like a dog without a bone

11 years ago

Keriann Nomura

Playing soccer in the park. In the dark. By myself. And there's howling coyotes. #sketchhh

11 years ago

Kyo Tuzki

RT @Bloomekochu: Yo las amo♥ @KyoTuzki @Kissa_Nomura

11 years ago

Subed Ali

@OmorSany sharing his feelings he once has for the Nomura Receptionist on whatsapp Ahaha

11 years ago

adi yayati

@tomkeene “ $MSFT $$ @jyarow @parislemon dont get it; never got it ... rick sherlund of #nomura MONDAY AM @bsurveillance” how to read this?

11 years ago

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