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@mildlyqueertbh @OMGitsGuFFa @immunewolf_ @Naughty_Dog And can afford better graphic designing software and develop…

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Ann Li 🌺 Giveaway! See📌

Nothing super fancy atm, but for 1 ko-fi you can get a messy busy doodle like this. (I’m fiddling around with Procr…

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Brian “The Runner Up” Puck

RT @tylerjreich: I just got off a stream where a friend and I poorly recreated Pokemon art using nothing but paint software and a mouse. Th…

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(((Liz Ditz)))

RT @ambientsidewalk: 6/ But nothing really substantively changed, until I quit my job. Fast forward several years. I'm back being a Soft…

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@LinusTech I would absolutely love LTT participation; but I expect nothing of the sort. I wish for no financial gai…

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