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[공지] #ENHYPEN 'DIMENSION : DILEMMA' 예약 구매 링크 안내 ▶위버스샵 SET : RANDOM :…

6 days ago

Pope Francis

We have severely harmed the Earth, our common home. Yet we have reasons for hope. The effects of the present imbala…

6 days ago


RT @RaveenTheDream: Baby if you go on a trip with me and come home without me please understand my family at your head

5 days ago

Igor (Magic) CardCaptor

RT @alinemghilardi: Sing the petition and help Ubirajara come home: #UbirajaraBelongstoBR #DecolonizePaleontology…

5 days ago

Robin Stowe Ⓥ

RT @End_TheFederalR: There was never a need for people to stay home. We have more work than we can handle in the real world. Anyone in the…

5 days ago