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RT @_momooww: Manger plus de nouilles ⚠️

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le Taha

RT @_momooww: Manger plus de nouilles ⚠️

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つけ麺 820円 #TSUKEMEN #NOUILLES #ワッサ麺 #麺dig #つけ麺インスタグラマー #RAHに感謝 #ヌードルブルース 場所: つけ麺 六芒星

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libra is my sign ⚖️

RT @ymecsn: jsuis une droguée des nouilles

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jsuis une droguée des nouilles

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Seth Abramson

Eventually, Trump will be seen as the greatest traitor in our history. Benedict Arnold will be forgotten. Trump wi…

1 month ago

Alexandre Borges

Acabo de ouvir no Jornal da Manhã vários clichês anticatólicos de quem nunca leu Christopher Dawson, Rodney Stark,…

1 month ago

Dami Holmes

@Mescudy Trent Alexander-Arnold isn't really black mate

1 month ago


@ovo_arnold_ Yoo sorry Arnold didn’t know I hurt your feelings my g

1 month ago