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I miss the day when Youtube was full of 'nerdy' creative people that didn't fit in anywhere else. Now its full of the popular kids at school

18 hours ago

Hits Blunt

*hits blunt* If she gives you head and swallows, is that a kids meal?

22 hours ago

Weed Man

RT @ThissCouldBeUs: Disney Kids Now And Then

19 seconds ago


RT @sgvines_: #REMAKE // i really wish that i could be like the cool kids // Kenzie Nimmo #Sgvines

19 seconds ago


RT @telerubbies: haha I thought this was a baby in a blender.This machine is used to immobilize kids in order to get their x-rays. http://t…

19 seconds ago

Brian Martinez

RT @_BenjaminHenry: I hate when little kids stare at you.

19 seconds ago


@VeronicaDagher @WSJ some kids just don't care

19 seconds ago

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