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Ted Lieu

2300 kids were ripped away from parents with no real plan to reunite them. I can't play the @ProPublica audio of th…

15 hours ago

Nicholas Kristof

Hmm, Nikki Haley should examine poverty in America. She'd find that 3 million US kids live in "extreme poverty"--le…

23 hours ago

Adam Best

Michelle Obama was such a flawless FLOTUS that her biggest “scandal” was when she told kids to drink water and eat veggies.

1 day ago

Charlene Tia

RT @SpArKsMaN_SA: Now kids ar killing each other😢😢😢😢😢😢 what's happening to the world💔💔

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RT @AmazonLoni: Look at the shadow of the child’s hand. I can’t wait till my kids get this on their DBQs.

just now

Afiq Haikal

RT @MiguelB_94: That’s 7 million, not 7 billion. Stay in school kids.

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