Nudizm Kids tweets

John Fugelsang

I like imaging what certain Trump supporters would say if HillaryClinton accepted the Dem nomination with her 5 kids by 3 different men.

11 hours ago


I'm gonna tell my kids from a young age that they can fly with enough practice. You never know, maybe they'll be the first to do it!

1 day ago

Jesse Wellens

These kids need some manners. @RiceGum 5 year old fans are out of control!

1 day ago

Joe Graham Jones

RT @Preditah: Aiya Napa looks like its full of kids…

21 seconds ago


Me ha gustado un vídeo de @YouTube ( - Pet Shop Boys - The Pop Kids (Graham Norton Show)).

22 seconds ago


RT @TweetLikeAGirI: he's talking about little kids but I feel this as a college student

22 seconds ago


Thought they banned kids from the White Sox clubhouse?

22 seconds ago

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