Nudizm Kids tweets

Jack Johnson

Next time kids come to my door on Halloween and ask "trick or treat" I'm gonna say "trick" then do a cartwheel and slam the door on them

16 hours ago

Kent Murphy

Should have sent him. Let that be a lesson kids. Never pay attention to stop signs at third. Flip the bird as you run by.

14 hours ago

Randy Orton

Not cool. Come on kids, really.... DONT 'TRY THIS AT HOME!' (Or school).”

17 hours ago

CountryFLL Radio

The cool kids 👻 #halloween #WOD @cfaftershock #crossfit #mystrongfriends #dollyparton #santa #captainamerica #gir...

22 seconds ago

Aitor Martín Diéguez

RT @ferraristore: Little Ferraristi, big emotions. #Puma Scuderia Ferrari Newborn Set:

22 seconds ago


Can't believe all this stuff about the Topshop mannequins, why don't we have overweight ones and make kids aspire to be unhealthy instead??

22 seconds ago

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