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Pawan Kalyan

1 ) JSP on Investors Summit - City of Destiny Awaits JSP welcomes all the Investors to Visakhapatnam. I am sure th…

3 weeks ago

Chuck Callesto

BREAKING REPORT: The Air in East Palestine IS TOXIC - Scientists find 'higher than normal' concentrations of NINE…

3 weeks ago

Sen. Marsha Blackburn

Jane's Revenge claimed responsibility for firebombing pregnancy centers and went as far as spray painting their nam…

3 weeks ago

Amanda Vanessa

@ZaraGiveaway Could someone link me to that defi money making method people have been using??_??? Can't find this????!

3 weeks ago


RT @SankofaTravelHr: #OTD 2001 Jessie M. Rattley the first Black elected to the Newport News City Council in Virginia and the first woman m…

3 weeks ago