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The hairstylist said he had been inspired by an "Egyptian prince" look, and had not intended to hurt or offend anyo…

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BDS movement

Israel is creating 7 new nature reserves on stolen West Bank Palestinian land. Israeli apartheid is not “green.” I…

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Camilla Long

How should we judge someone like Meghan? By the actions that are easy for her, like visiting a kitchen or refuge, w…

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RT @tanabe1969: 本日製作発表でした。令和2年2月2日22時スタート、NHK BSプレミアム「捜査会議はリビングで!おかわり」パート1と- 同じメンバーで更にパワーUP!よろしくお願いしますっ。  @yahooニュース HzdxR…

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Mick Humphries 🔶 🇪🇺 🇬🇧🇫🇰

RT @beepea: Prior to my 13-hour on call, I filled up my water bottle from the ward kitchen tap (staff room had no tap/water). I was scolded…

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