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Ezra Levant 🍁

Late last year, Trudeau's CBC state broadcaster set up a bizarre "kids" unit where child actors read political news…

17 hours ago

St. Louis Cardinals

One more exclusive item reveal before #CardsTheme tickets go on sale next Wednesday. This long-sleeved jersey will…

12 hours ago

Edmund McMillen

We are considering making smaller 4 player play mats for Four Souls so people that missed out can get one. We are t…

7 hours ago

ADN🧬Cristiano ✝️ Católico ⛪️

RT @ChurchInPoland: The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is starting today. The theme for the week of prayer in 2019 "Justice, and only j…

just now


Welcome to #Fingertip #Breakfast on Jan 29th! The theme'll be Art of setting #goals & #objectives. CTD Jukka Ala-mu…

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