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Amy C.

@MattMadison53 You don't have one? I got mine for free at a church camp but I'm sure you can look up a Bible reading plan online!

8 years ago

Donate Charities

Following Jesus: Online bible & bible verses #jesustweeters

8 years ago

Gary Petersen

The 30-day KJV New Testament Bible reading for Tuesday, December 11, John 1-7, is now online at

8 years ago

Nija Howard

They asked a pastor would he do online relationship & he said "no, he's a touchy feely guy" You need be touching && feeling that bible

8 years ago

Edwin Lau

Dapatkan ±200 resep sehat & lezat di HEALTHYUMMY BIBLE. Limited edition, online sale only!

8 years ago


Back to university again, will start to study bible of bachelor degree by online course. I dont time for go to study in class.

8 years ago

Mary Beth Floyd

RT @LifeVerse: Experiencing God Online Bible Study Starts Jan 7, 2013 via @WomensBibleCafe

8 years ago

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