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beehop waspskip

@LauraBenzan in non-catholic/-orthodox bibles they don't have the book of wisdom (and tobit and judith and ecclesia…

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Whats in it for the Men?

@HillaryClinton from wiki #FeminisminRussia After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russian feminists, punk-roc…

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Jake Walton

RT @womaninmedicine: 2016, Islamists in #Egypt bombed the #Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in #Botroseya killing 29 Christians and injuring 47. V…

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Ian Watts

@GDemacopoulos Oh,thank you for showing us all how Orthodox you really are,as you are,of course,slamming the saint…

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laila el khatib

RT @THesmert: @Peppi1207 @LickTheGlich @PizzaGateLibya @Gertcha_Cowson @nader_haidar @plaindamsel @spain_1957 @Takemineitsfree @TickleSean…

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