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Kaim khan

RT @OshoQuotes: Loneliness is a misunderstood aloneness. Once you misunderstand your aloneness as loneliness, the whole context changes. Al…

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And Nature

RT @taka_team8_mina: 🇬🇧🇪🇸🇵🇹☘When the freedom is left intact, the love grows infinitely☘🌸Cuando la libertad queda intacta, el amor crece inf…

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RT @lenotedeltempo: La vita è un mistero da vivere, non un problema da risolvere. (Osho) #ConLaParolaVita #CasaLettori…

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RT @DaddyBazzy__: R.I.P. to all the guys that lost a good girl cause they were out chasing a good time instead of a good thing.

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