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NASA's Johnson Space Center

On March 5, NASA astronaut Kate Rubins & @JAXA_en's @Astro_Soichi suit up & spacewalk. The duo will travel out of t…

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Bill Kristol

"Which raises the question: How does this get better? When will the Capitol stop looking like a prison or a militar…

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A giant iceberg bigger than New York City broke off the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica near a British scientific out…

5 days ago

桜庭 非VlP

RT @Arankunotenuto: フレームデータ(ESAMから引用) 日本語訳(ホ=ホムラ - ヒ=ヒカリ) 弱 ホ3F ヒ2F 横強 ホ12F ヒ8F- 上強 ホ11F ヒ7F 下強 ホ10F ヒ5F DA ホ- 17F ヒ11F 空N ホ11F ヒ8F 空前 ホ11F - ヒ8F…

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