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Niall Horan

US & Canada, general sale begins tomorrow at 10am local time for the Flicker World Tour with @MarenMorris !

2 days ago

Lauren Jauregui

Also, I have Mexico heavily in my prayers. I have the whole world in my prayers. If you have time please donate to

3 days ago

Dalai Lama

Peace doesn’t come from prayer alone, it requires us to take action. Our goal should be a demilitarized world. #PeaceDayChallenge

2 days ago

The Queen_Majesty

@TtzMog @Wiser_246 @DJZinhle As your childish ego world suggest. Absolutely.

1 day ago


@imdestinyfaith For my family, my son, God plucking me up out of the world and saving me! God choosing & loving me!…

1 day ago