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Candace Owens

There is no place on the Left for white people, straight people or males. There is only room for minority groups w…

2 weeks ago


【かっけぇ…】新元号は「Order and Harmony(令和)」英BBCの英訳が話題 https:- // 米ブルームバーグは、- 「order, and peace or harmony」と訳した。

2 weeks ago

Donald J. Trump

Everybody is asking how the phony and fraudulent investigation of the No Collusion, No Obstruction Trump Campaign b…

2 weeks ago

Space Poncho

RT @coreyspowell: What?? This organism, a Xenophyophore, has just ONE cell. It's the largest single-celled structure on Earth. Nobody knows…

2 weeks ago

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