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Daniel Dale

Three years into the Trump era, mainstream media outlets continue to blast out his lies to millions of people witho…

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Charlie Kirk

Did you know: An illegal alien brutally murdered a 20-year-old college student in San Antonio, TX by setting him…

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緑風子 💜 outro: crackhead

RT @geanina_vlad: Even with the statement that Bh released, the K media is picking quotes and phrasing things as if BH apologized to Japan…

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Chicago Mayor

RT @NBCNews: A man believed to be an online acquaintance of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect was arrested after he posted on a soc…

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Shaun King

Did you know that Mike Espy, a Black man running for the United States Senate, actually made it to a runoff in MISS…

2 days ago

Amber Athey

The media is painting the election misconduct in Florida as a "conservative conspiracy theory," despite two lawsuit…

3 days ago

LIMO [リーモ] (旧投信1)

野村不動産HD、上期売上高は2,313億円 業績予想を修正も、過去最高の売上高・営業利益を見込む #LIMO

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richard kagoe

RT @BBCAfrica: How good are you at spotting fake news? BBC Research across Kenya and Nigeria has found that people are more interested in…

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