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Olivia Solon

Palantir's Courtney Bowman says the company does have a red line: it refuses to work with tobacco companies. It is,ā€¦

14 hours ago

Olivia Solon

This week's #stanfordtechethics is exploring AI and military use and features Palantir's "privacy and civil liberties team lead" šŸ§

15 hours ago

Nina Scholz

RT @evgenymorozov: Technological sovereignty for Europe, etc, etc. And then, somehow, nobody objects when Airbus has all its data processedā€¦

1 minute ago

Alison McDowell

@RigelMassaro @TonyThurmond @CADeptEd @publicadvocates You all must rule out social impact investing / pay for succā€¦

7 minutes ago

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