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Emiliano Maldonado

@JPEstradaM Revista Pandecta, 2018.

6 days ago

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Brian and Ed Krassenstein were suspended for "operating multiple fake accounts and purchasing account interactions,…

3 weeks ago

Adam Blickstein

Twitter & @jack face a choice. The President just posted a doctored video to attack a political opponent. His accou…

3 weeks ago


「GOLD」 誰だって 上手くなんて  人を愛せやしないさ だから一人じゃもう Cry! Cry!  流れ止めて Smile! Smile! 10年分の  散々な broken heart verse 好きな人RT!

3 weeks ago


RT @riotwomennn: I remember a man from VT leading on Iraq ... not Bernie Sanders I remember quite vividly, he went across the US, disagre…

3 weeks ago