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Panathinaikos BC

☘ #WeTheGreens Eμείς, οι Παναθηναϊκοί δίνουμε ραντεβού και τη σεζόν 2019-2020 στο σπίτι των επιτυχιών, το ΟΑΚΑ! K…

4 days ago


RT @dxjmnz: I really don’t be going out, it’s crazy bc I’m not married and I don’t have kids. I should be living my best life 😂

1 hour ago

Katia Thorpe

#90DayFianceHappilyEverAfter I dont like @pao8705 Her dumba$$ is gonna make her babys 1st language spanish bc her f…

4 hours ago

skinny boy✨🔜Hard Summer

pao just told me i can’t go to hard bc she won’t be there to be my rave bae , ok

4 hours ago


RT @Jose_Mora_A: #derechoaltiempo promulgada y es ley de la República! Es un día histórico! @VinkaJackson @YverYactuar @derechoaltiempo @Na…

7 hours ago

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