Parabole tweets

Alexander Marcello

@Lavinia56Pat before I use parabole I watch Shaun The Sheep on MNC TV :D

7 years ago

Lavinia Patrocinio

@alexmarcello_ nope in television. I have a parabole so we can watch the indonesian channel. I love coboyjunior from hanya kamu :D

7 years ago


I uploaded a @YouTube video Motorized satellite dish / Motor k parabole

7 years ago

Helene Denis

Jdeteste definitivement les math --" @Alejodijo_ on a besoins dune session parabole 101 sur skype ahahahah ;p

7 years ago


Our first necklace.Parabole Pendant 9ct Rose Gold& Rose #gemstones #gems #neckalce #jewellery #photo #instagram #luxe

7 years ago

Molly Kay

@ABDUFROMTHEPACK How to make an equation out of words and how to use translations to make a new parabole from the standard one.

7 years ago


@Chouriie @fouineuse974 Non Parabole :x

7 years ago

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