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Fredrick Nielson

Had a dream my twitter was mentioned in Spin magazine and i showed it to my parents. talk about validation.

8 years ago

Judith Shulevitz

How older parents will change the world (my cover piece in New Republic):

8 years ago

Grace Gachuhi

Reading this month's Parents Magazine...Looking good @edgicovi Say hi to Leo.:)

8 years ago


@charamaroo End of '79, parents decided we were allowed a magazine delivered (me & bro, 1 mag each). That was mine. I kept them all till '87

8 years ago

Samurai Jackson .

This mans name was Phil Philbin . Why parents … whyyyyyy ?

8 years ago


New issue viewpoint magazine - its all about getting parents and service providers in Cambridgeshire working together.

8 years ago


14 Natural Health Remedies for Children (from Parents magazine). Colic idea too. via @pinterest

8 years ago

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