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David Beard

Big idea: Apple Pay, Square and Pay Pal don't let you buy guns on their service. What if Amex, Visa, MasterCard, We…

13 hours ago


すっごいクオリティの等身大マウスパッド受注はクレジットカー- ド・Pay-Pal決済は明日まで、コンビニ決済・ペイジー決- 済は今日中までですの! 急いで予約ですの! ch4H #GustPR…

3 days ago

Kim Sherrell

Trump's pal Governor Rick Scott is very fine people. In December 2000, the U.S. Justice Department announced that…

5 days ago


RT @RhaxConcour: CONCOURS PAL Pal 30 € 😱 😍💸GAGNE 30 € PAY PAL 💸😍 RT +FOLLOW @McGamingg84_c @RhaxC- oncour @FreeCashPayPal Tag 1 ami 💸😍 (Ob…

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