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Donald Trump Jr.

In all fairness Biden has no idea what he’s saying or where he is most of the time. When will someone close to him…

15 hours ago

Malcolm Nance

This man is a complete moron. He has no idea how diplomacy works or why we try to understand the political systems…

1 day ago

SungWon Cho

i find myself crying more easily at sad parts in movies and books and stuff as i grow older and i think that's a go…

1 day ago


RT @Berniewouldawon: I think we will see 1 or 2 people drop out after South Carolina: Steyer (99% sure he drops out) Biden (if he loses…

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Wendy Bacon

RT @DrJM_Fernandez: International jurists’ letter in defence of Julian Assange: “...time again in Mr. Assange’s case, we have seen the law…

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