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Tony Shaffer

Where is the Notorious RBG?!

1 day ago

美国驻华使领馆 US MissionCN

“看看我们的记录。我们已经非常清楚地表明,如果没有遵守最基- 本的根本人权,即以尊严和尊重来对待人类,这是因人性本质人类- 有权享有的权利,美国就会大声呼喊,在任何我们发现不足的地方- ,无论是维吾尔穆斯林被关押在中国的拘留营中……” 蓬佩奥…

23 hours ago

Qasim Rashid, Esq.

•Undocumented immigrants can’t get welfare, period •Every independent study shows undocumented immigrants add ~$12…

1 day ago

💎 เทพบุตรโดคยองซู 💎

RT @knockknock0408: [HQ] 190115 D.O. cr.ATTA D.O. - @wear- eoneEXO

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Samet EREK

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Torr Leonard

"US labor-force participation rate is lower than it is in many countries w/ far more generous safety nets, among th…

1 month ago


@a_mdala @Sowellnomics You need to research that. Sorry but you’re totally wrong. Denmark’s prime minister stated c…

1 month ago

The Habs Forum

#CH #Habs #GoHabsGo Looks like instead of filling the Habs net this Christmas, Zadina will be filling Denmark's and…

1 month ago

Certified Doctor GS

Countries that become fascist: almost all communist countries. Prime examples of countries that aren’t fascist, a…

1 month ago

Britta Lauritzen

@ALFIEEV There's not really an easy answer. Denmark has educational and medical safety nets, so you're never going…

1 month ago