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Kyle Griffin

So Erdogan tells PBS that Trump called him about the DC protest beating incident this summer to say "he was sorry."

1 day ago


U.S. soldiers discover Vietnam is unlike their fathers’ war as the antiwar movement grows. #VietnamWarPBS continues…

19 hours ago

Charlie Rose Show

"Trump understands he doesn't know what he's doing." @ianbremmer, tonight on @PBS.

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RT @knockknock0408: [HQ] 170920 SEHUN cr.세훈바라기 yOU

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RT @knockknock0408: [HQ] 170920 BAEKHYUN cr.BUNNY mRE h- ttps://…

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Valby Garden

Kronik: Nets har større magt end Nationalbanken via /r/Denmark

1 month ago