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AMD Ryzen

If you’re looking to build a new Ryzen gaming PC and want the best bang for your buck, look no further than…

2 days ago

Larian Studios

"You can take Divinity: Original Sin 2, a masterpiece of role-playing, wherever you go and when you're back home, s…

1 week ago


Take a quick look at the building process of this exquisite Prime #X299 Edition 30 motherboard-inspired PC. 🤩 🤔 ​ ​…

3 days ago

Divyansh Sharma

@InfinityWard there are many bugs in PC version to fix for modern warfare. For example, freezing, longer loading o…

2 minutes ago


RT @1oi_art: Sure hope everyone's been enjoying iceborne so far, I for one look forward to finally being able to fight her on pc when the t…

2 minutes ago

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