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Linus Tech Tips

“And if you look to your left you’ll see the rare Alex Clark, tending to his fledgling PC in his beanbag nest.”

1 month ago

Jack Nicas

Boeing's 737 Max is based on a 1960s design, has roughly the computing power of a 1990s PC, and lacks safety featur…

1 month ago

Navy Athletics

Take a closer look at the uniform that Navy Men's Lacrosse will be wearing this Saturday to commemorate the 100th m…

1 month ago

Girl Friday, but more like a shitty Tuesday

@happystash All anyone has to do is look at the dumpster fire that is Ontario right now to know pC is a BAD idea. Ffs

1 month ago


@FNATIC_MOTOR yeah Issa is prob the best controller player. Kamo and Kb looks like pc aswell, but Aydan is still cr…

1 month ago

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