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魅族15傳聞彙總:披甲歸來的夢想機,低中高檔齊發: 【PConline 雜談】早前,魅族已宣佈將於4月22日晚19:30在烏鎮舉行- 新品發佈會,將會帶來魅族2018年的首款旗艦機,據悉…

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黑莓KEYone繼任機型曝光:全鍵盤手機還賣得動麼?: 【PConline 資訊】在去年的8月份,黑莓KEYone登陸了中國市場,上市- 距今已經有很長一段時間,也是時候推出新機了。有外…

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RT @cowcotland: La carte mère #MSI #X470 GAMING M7 AC dans la nature

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Nassim Nicholas Taleb

"Science and reason is the best we have" is a statement that is both pseudoscientific & irrational. It conflates sc…

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Daniel Dale

Superb Old CPAC/New CPAC moment: A panelist criticizes The Wall on the grounds that it'll require extensive use of…

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Tron Foundation

These are our only official server website. Please check the domain name carefully before visiting. Thank you for y…

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William Fournier

RT @TBTimes_JSmith: Side note: Found a very underrated karaoke spot last night in Montreal -Taverne Bar la Remise. Lot of locals, and Frenc…

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Renee W

@RepAdamSchiff @pattonoswalt Thank you Rep. Sciff for your continued perseverance in getting the truth out in the p…

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