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Tomorrow we play... #OGTEI

1 month ago

Elizabeth Dowen

@CKidTech Great point - I'm trying to decide if only dad should get a fun Pebble Beach hat that embodies our new ho…

1 month ago

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Scott Dworkin

“I’ve been to China many times. I love China. A lot of plans for China. We have an amazing buyer base from China th…

1 month ago


No one wants to leave California. Geographically it is perfect. You can go from beach to mountains in 3 hours. Use…

1 month ago

Gavin Newsom

Mental health is physical health. Staying active & connected right now is so important. Get outdoors with your hou…

1 month ago

just another anime avi nbd

RT @asunnybooknook: hot take: golf not only feels racist but it actually is racist considering how much land money and water is taken up fo…

1 month ago