Pencil tweets

Perla Bou Daher

RT @NicoleTNicolas: "@MentionTo: #MentionTo someone who never has a pencil and always borrows yours.And you never get them back." one of ...

6 years ago

Simona Mastrolia

Still didn't buy a pencil for SAT's

6 years ago

Rachel Morton

@RHoneyJones you're going for a walk with the dog and a pencil?? #walkingunderaduvet

6 years ago

سارة Mallek

RT @lemgabriella: C'est pour moi la dernière fois @mllksarah “@AlanHungover: Do you have a pencil "Nope" *Looks down at bag of pencils* ...

6 years ago

jeccah ☮

Loves everybody. Some I love to be around, some I love to avoid, and others I would love to stab in the head with a pencil.

6 years ago


RT @KaayHowarth: ok my brother just ruined my eyebrow pencil WTF ZAK WTF

6 years ago

Sinead Gavaghan

RT @robomam: @lisaansell3 @itsmotherswork Wouldnt even trust Gove to be a pencil monitor. He can just sit at the back and do rafia work

6 years ago

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