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Shaun King

My God. American police just killed another "good guy with a gun." Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr., better known…

3 weeks ago

Ron Perlman

When the chronicle of this horrific act goes public just remember it could have been avoided were it not for the no…

3 weeks ago

Deltan Dallagnol

O plenário do STF decidirá em breve uma questão de vida ou morte para a Lava Jato. A data do julgamento ainda não e…

3 weeks ago

Phoenix Motorsport

RT @f1ben1000: Good Luck to my Pals @Twist3d_Drift3r and My man @AOR_Andrew who's filling in for me while i heal up with a busted ankle not…

3 weeks ago

Sulyman hayatudeen

RT @Hashied_Bee: A soldier wrote: We both left home at 18. You cleared JAMB I got recommended. You got UNIVERSITY, I got NDA. You pursued…

3 weeks ago