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Peter Warne

@Bonn1eGreer @nomorequangos This shows that higher civilisation has yet to arrive in the USA. No president can clai…

2 days ago

Paul McCarthy

@PunLovinLad Made in the People’s Republic of Cork, like!

3 days ago

Michael Hynes

@DanKaszeta The People's Republic of Cork.

3 days ago

Dylan O’Connell

@Antifa_VP Our parish is a communist republic. From my part of Turner's Cross we're never without bread. Cork City…

4 days ago


@workofbourke Maybe it reflects a 25-county Ireland? With NI, as is, and a People's Republic of Cork, as is.

6 days ago

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John James

I ran to help people & you helped me do that. Thank you. As we continue to fight for our republic, remember the ba…

4 days ago

Rep. Brian Mast

The House recently passed a resolution condemning the People’s Republic of China for violating the fundamental righ…

3 days ago

Steve Schmidt

They did this in the name of Trump. They have broken faith with the most elemental premise of our Republic, the ide…

4 days ago


RT @Debber66: I’m thankful for this country but I’m mad at the people that aren’t! They will destroy our great Republic! My prayer is tha…

2 days ago

Lisa (BLM)

@fekkledfudge @CyborgCircus Awesome! @SewingNative Sewing for Native People’s is only 1,500 masks away from their 1…

2 days ago