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The Spectator World

"Nowhere is the kow-towing to Chinese demands more obvious than in Hollywood. Scripts, characters and imagery that…

3 weeks ago

ridwan kamil

GLOKAL Thank you KPop stars @special1004 & @shfly3424 of @SJofficial for wearing West Java Batik that I designed.…

3 weeks ago

Mark Harris

Identify and greenlight the five best scripts that were turned down in the last few years either because "It's grea…

4 weeks ago

Eos O'Connell

@MrMenba @ThirtyVirus @Simon_Hypixel Dude In 1.17 pt1 we get all the 91 new blocks and an updated OpenGL and JAVA v…

3 weeks ago

karl jacobs

@SLIMEYTOVES ||: Hey someone else put this on my TL but is it bedrock or java! I would love to join if it’s java!!

3 weeks ago

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