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Sen Dianne Feinstein

Thank you @Citi for deciding not to do business with sellers of: firearms to those under 21, bumpstocks, high-cap m…

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From the archives — @EricBoehm87 on John Bolton: "Here's a brief reminder of some of the terrible things Bolton has…

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Stephen Gutowski

Citi Bank just announced it doesn't want anybody to be able to buy magazines of an unspecified "high capacity" or b…

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Kerry Afdem

RT @jennifer_maune: When my son couldn't decide on a Toy Story party or a dinosaur party to celebrate his fifth birthday, we combined the t…

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RT @craigbrownphd: Get started with Azure Cosmos DB through this technical training series: Are you building a new application which requir…

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Latest tweets that mention “von Roland Kopp-Wichmann. Über 1.000 Artikel aus 12 Jahren. Aber Vorsicht: Lesen kann Ihr Herz berühren, die Augen öffnen und Ihr Leben beeinflussen”

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