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Bret Weinstein

Rethink this. Being indifferent to harm done to men who have behaved honorably is both wrong and counterproductive…

18 hours ago


BTS has been changing their personal playlist pictures on Spotify...what comes next?! 🤔 😂 #MICDROP #BTS @BTS_twt

8 hours ago

Joy Reid

And Trump knows nothing of personal sacrifice or service. Five Vietnam deferments. Dissing Gold Star families. Disr…

1 day ago


RT @tajpollard: Parents: Where did I go wrong with you? Millenials: Well...You invade my privacy, disregard my emotions, invalidate my fee…

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Alex Mulhall

RT @GreggDoyelStar: A personal story on gratitude, and depression. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. I will, and here’s why:…

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