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Elizabeth Warren

Canceling student loan debt would put money back in people’s pockets. That’s money they can spend to support local…

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OKAY FINE WE’LL DO A @CyberpunkGame HEADSET GIVEAWAY -RT -follow @SteelSeries and @CyberpunkGame -reply with whic…

14 hours ago

Matt Walsh

You can either be on this guy’s side or on the side of the tyrants who rule us. I know which side I choose.

22 hours ago

George Kiefer

@soledadobrien Is the theory Barr only very recently switched his alliance or that he’s been super deep-state the w…

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robbie kerr

RT @jay_mfc: I see we're having the Gaelic & Scots argument again. No surprises. Pick any nation in the world that has sought or threatened…

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Candace Owens

Mandatory vaccinations will be next with required vaccination IDs to enter businesses and to travel. Mark my words.

2 weeks ago

Sean Hannity

Biden Cancer Charity Gave ‘Zero’ For Research; Millions Spent On Salaries, Travel

2 weeks ago

David Begnaud

To be clear: tourism officials in Puerto Rico are asking tourists NOT to travel to the island. The beaches are clo…

2 weeks ago


Surface and devices Use this guide to help frame conversations with customers about using #Surface and partner d…

2 weeks ago


You can’t tell me @leslieodomjr didn’t time travel to be in dash and Lilly

2 weeks ago