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RT @iTwerkForCole: I hate getting new phones cuz all my messages are gone :/

8 years ago

Cody Walls

RT @_Livinglife__: " We live in a time period of smart phones and stupid people."

8 years ago

sheila schultz

RT @jjauthor: Exactly and spending our children into debt with their mooching food stamps and obama phones! Janie @obamaislazy2 @ClaryIngram

8 years ago

Syanazurah R

On a brighter note, me and kakak yus are twins with same phones same colour and all.

8 years ago

Ally Farren

RT @_CollegeHumor_: Smart phones, smart cars, smart televisions... when are they going to start making smart people?

8 years ago


RT @anitamm927: @thegrandfinalle smart phones should be a privilege and not a right for teens! I applaud your parenting decision on this ...

8 years ago

Jordann Christman

RT @Beaners_Jillian: I'll sleep when my phones dead.

8 years ago

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