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Roberto Achar 🐧

@erickwendel_ Desde 2009, o JavaScript pode ser executado fora de um Browser (fora?), show de bola. Legal, podemos…

1 day ago

Erick Wendel 📍 #BrazilJS2019

@RobertoAchar Usar ferramentas para manipular SOs como o onde te dá liberdade em chamar cla…

1 day ago

Kevin Jones 🏳️‍🌈

@Rubberduck203 @terrajobst @ben_a_adams @blowdart A handful do. NetworkCredential does for one example. Also any pi…

3 days ago

Miguel de Icaza

@pcwalton @Gankra_ They left a massive escape hatch that made it hard to be xplat: wndproc is surfaced in the api a…

4 days ago

Cyber Security Bot

RT @m3g9tr0n: A set of .NET libraries for Windows implementing PInvoke calls to many native Windows APIs with supporting wrappers. https://…

1 week ago

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