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On the menu tonight for dinner: leftover pod pizza

7 years ago

Adam Wade Johnson

What's on the menu for tonight? IU basketball & Pizza King!

7 years ago

Scooby's skin walker

&this pizza hut menu is jus not helping jus looking at me ..

7 years ago

≈Candy Girl

@AdliSaf its the new pizza menu of the week hehehehe

7 years ago

Evil Schwartzie

@_J_Q They're awesome, especially with pickles. But pizza burgers are awful. Johnny Cariino's had 'em on the menu. Yuck!

7 years ago

genevieve Rene

Tonight menu: chicken wings, pizza, lasagna, chips, KFC, French fries.... Will call it cheat day!

7 years ago


RT @jxsey: #WhiteMumPhrases “Ben it's jacket potato for dinner” “I don't want potato you dumb yat” “Okay, i'll bring the pizza hut menu ...

7 years ago

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