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Gregory Han

I'm about 15 pages into this discussion board frequented by home pizza makers chattering about the @BrevilleUSA Pi…

1 week ago

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Alana Mastrangelo

Congrats alexandria ocasio-cortez for making Amazon pull out of a deal that promised 25,000 jobs and at least $25 b…

4 days ago

Elizabeth Warren

Back when I was a kid, a minimum-wage job could support a family of three. Today, a full-time minimum-wage job in A…

4 days ago


If you’ve got a girl with goals, her head on straight, making money and she’s not out here being wild, that’s a blessing.

4 days ago


RT @MKBHD: Ready for your weekly dose of terrifying tech? Every time you refresh this site, it creates a hyper realistic face mixed from ot…

3 days ago


I agree with the idea of making endings happier!! So many cartoons lately have a sad or bittersweet ending to the p…

3 days ago