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RT @DeanObeidallah: The video played at pro-Trump event at Mar-A-Lago shows Trump punching Maxine Waters in the face as well as killing Bar…

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Deb Clink

@Jim_Jordan @RepAdamSchiff @mattgaetz Gym you and self proclaimed pretty boy @RepMattGaetz just stir the pot and pl…

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RT @kel_emvor: Brexit latest news: Boris Johnson will not resign if his Queen's Speech is voted down by MPs Nor shd…

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Winfried 🇩🇪

@deb_teams Ein Bundestrainer, dem man jedes Statement Wort für Wort abnimmt; dem Eishockey in Deutschland konnte ni…

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RT @MerriamWebster: 'Umbrella' was borrowed from the Italian word 'ombrella,' which is rooted in the Latin 'umbra,' meaning "shade, shadow.…

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