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Mike Trudell

Down 94-84 with 3:20 to play ... Kobe had 45 points on 17 of 45 FG’s, and his legs were gone. OR WERE THEY!

1 week ago

Joe Dolan

We have a long way to go and actual games to play, but I think #Broncos John Elway has had his best off-season (non…

6 days ago

Samuel victor

RT @fimiletoks: To have a robust system every player must rise up and play its part. The FG again instituted the NSIA to intervene in the t…

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Samuel victor

RT @fimiletoks: There is no magic in governance, as we lay our bed so shall we sleep on it. The FG realized that the state and the LG have…

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RT @fimiletoks: Let me explain the healthcare system / financing as simple as possible so that we don't just shout and rant aimlessly. He…

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