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Peter Baker

It's become commonplace enough in the past two years that it no longer gets much notice. But it's worth remembering…

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Scott Dworkin

Trump’s gone full dictator on President’s Day. Praising his tv network Fox News, calling the DoJ & FBI traitors, ca…

17 hours ago


Top teams will be invited to a *Google* office for the Final Round. Several opportunities await all participants a…

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KIKUCHI Koichiro

bond と ブリッジをの設定を /etc/network/interfaces.d に移す場合にどうやるのが正しいのか実機でトライ&エ- ラーしながらやってるんだけど、 PowerEdge みたいなマシンでやる作業じゃないな。 OS が起動するまでが遅すぎる…

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