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Stephanie Ruhle

He also loves the Pope. The chance to meet the Pope is a tremendous honor that few people ever get.…

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Tommy Tighe

Protestants on Twitter: show me IN THE BIBLE where Mary is Queen of Heaven me: rev 12:1 Protestants: show me IN T…

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Jill Filipovic

Revering and mythologizing dead women is very different than giving women real power. Are women allowed to be pries…

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@DailyCaller The Pope would have called him back from the dead and the Satanic triune would be complete.

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Jinnyzaap ส้มนะ

RT @tussaneeya7: To.พี่ pope คิดถึงมากกกกกก from. FC แทนความรู้สึกทั้งหมดฮือๆๆๆๆ #MyGodFatherอย่าเรียกพี่ว่าพ่อ

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