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Adam Schiff

The President, through his lawyer, called on DOJ to end Mueller probe. Obstruction of justice is no less a threat t…

9 hours ago


We have suspended Cambridge Analytica from our platform for a clear violation our policies. They cannot buy ads or…

23 hours ago

Rahul Gandhi

Dassault called RM's lie and released prices paid per RAFALE plane in report: Qatar = 1319 Cr M…

1 day ago

April L. Myers

RT @ABC: Three package bombings that killed two people and injured two others, all of them African-American or Hispanic, in Austin, Texas,…

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RT @RadioFreeTom: There's a reason propaganda didn't work very well in the US during the Cold War: the Russians weren't good at it, and mos…

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NBC Olympics

"HOLY COW!" You just witnessed a historic triple axel from Mirai Nagasu. #WinterOlympics

1 month ago

Ana Navarro

6 US citizen children -including one who is fighting leukemia- are going to be without their father and provider. T…

1 month ago

The Associated Press

BREAKING: A blackout hits northern Puerto Rico after an explosion sets off a big fire at a main power substation

1 month ago

Micah Quailey

RT @coIombean: “Thicker than a Bowl of Oatmeal” —the sequel we all deserve

1 month ago