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Jennifer Gardy

Hey you, microbial scientist! The call for session proposals for @ASMicrobiology's #ASMicrobe 2021 conference is no…

2 weeks ago

Jeremy Needle

RT @grrrck: Thanks to prodding from @dsquintana, I added `include_tweet()` to {tweetrmd}. Automatically embed the HTML tweet in HTML #rstat…

1 week ago

LiStacia World Sewing & Customizing

RT @scatabulata: Let me write, proofread, edit and rewrite your stories. I can also subtitle your videos in .doc or .srt formats. Save you…

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@Tsukinado @HBJohnXuandou what the see in videogames, as well as other media formats. so when you see some videogam…

1 week ago

Samantha Fothergill

RT @MyWayAccess: IMTAC Statement About Travel with Assistance Dogs Post-Brexit Transitional Arrangements. For copi…

1 week ago

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Chris Hayes

More than any other time in this terrible disaster of a presidency, some GOP Senators should take a Goldwater-style…

1 week ago

Charlie Kirk

RT if Washington DC should NEVER become a state!

1 week ago

Donald Trump Jr.

Biden can't make a case for himself because he knows he doesn't have the capacity to run the country & if elected w…

1 week ago

Big Daddy Ale

RT @hamdia_ahmed: This is officer Jeffery Druan. The world deserves to see how much of a coward he is. He pushed my mother, and put her on…

1 week ago