Praise tweets


@ForrestStarling praise and magnify him forever

7 years ago

Cake w pink icing

"praise be to allah" Mike Tyson

7 years ago

Taufa Umufuke

RT @SiasiSina: @HSINA7 @W0Wfactor @VikaTulua "Praise be to my rock who trains my fingers for battle and prepares my hands for war!"

7 years ago

Kwizzle Master Fresh

RT @_LoveHOPETrust: Why is that funny?! That's good Karrington is going to praise the Lord lol.

7 years ago

Paul Jones III

Kameron and I just started the praise party on Skype. *Goes into pew destroyer mode*

7 years ago

Arun Yadav

Good #Morning world!! hope everyone is feeling blessed this morning praise God.... Have a great day!!

7 years ago

Nizam Shah

Never asked you to like me,I don't need your praise

7 years ago

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