Prehistoric tweets

Marshalls Makaveli.♥

#PrehistoricCocaine was dope!!! Check it!

6 years ago

Peta Odini

@fashionisPAYNE stupse... I feel like in some antiquated prehistoric place... Ppl in states callin trini and all kinda tings

6 years ago

Be Eczema Free

@GatorOil This prehistoric animal is now being used to help us with eczema

6 years ago

Katie Hyde

@rox_c I have a paper card and a number from the prehistoric ages

6 years ago

Cour†ney Wagasky

The prehistoric squirrel in Ice Age has the worst luck. Smh

6 years ago

God Free World

Reconstruction of prehistoric DNA refutes criticism on theory of evolution

6 years ago


Pretty cool discovery. Prehistoric bear skulls found underwater in Mexico #redgage #science

6 years ago

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