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Rep. Barbara Lee

Amazing. After 7 years of empty promises, the GOP’s healthcare plan is to let insurance companies price-gouge cance…

1 day ago

M. Night Shyamalan

The incomparable @SamuelLJackson will return as Elijah Price/Mr. Glass

1 day ago

Nathan Zed

if any of y’all got rich parents but no prom date, you can rent me for the small price of one semester of my tuition

1 day ago


RT @haneulstore: ヾรองเท้าแตะยางหนา♡—รหัสPG PRI- CE ▸ 200.- COLOR ▸ ดำ ขาว แดง SIZE ▸ 33-44

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B😇😇k of Mormon

The Original @bookformormon Price @AndrewRannells​ absolutely smashing 'I Believe' at the 2011 #TonyAwards​ is a FR…

15 seconds ago

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