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Saxsy Ysiel'thar

@wowcynwise @Lhivera My monk is level 81; it was really easy to level once I hit 20. I leveled her for professions rather than play, though.

7 years ago

OKC Comm College

And don't forget - at noon today in room 215 of the Health Professions Center, there will be a health professions...

7 years ago

IHI Open School

We're in Workshop A17: Engaging Health Professions in Improving Care Together. Join us in Sawgrass (North Tower) at 9:30 AM #IHI24Forum

7 years ago

Public Relations

An essay by MBA student Richard Meredith has been chosen as the best academic essay by Professions for Good @P4G_UK

7 years ago

Ashley Savage

That in most professions it has to be broken down further into women and men because reality is you'll find more notable men than women

7 years ago


I liked a @YouTube video Guild Wars 2 - Skills of All 8 Professions | Skilly všech 8 profesí [HD 1080p]

7 years ago


Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions, why ignore the teachers then?

7 years ago

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