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今年も6周年記念RTキャンペーンを実施するにゃฅ(●´ω`●)ฅ 生放送終了までのこのツイートのRT数によって、ゲーム内アイテムをプレゼント☆ さらに、RT数が60,000に達すると、開催予定のログインジャンボが超豪華に! 詳細は…

1 month ago

Soledad O'Brien

This was a very strong intv by Dana Bash. Good push back. Good management of this interview.

1 month ago


Fun project you can do at home for FREE: Look at public records for Trump’s Aberdeen property:…

1 month ago


RT @gomunoire: Ah yes. They don’t get enough food or have access to proper education or health care but at least they’re smiling while slid…

1 month ago


RT @Xbox: The sky is calling. Are you ready to answer? Pre-order Microsoft Flight Simulator now and see the world:…

1 month ago