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Identity V

Identity V X Bungo Stray Dogs Crossover II will begin soon Check it out! Seer's Accessory - Mobile Phone Prospect…

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The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, starring Humphrey Bogart as a gold prospector consumed by greed, was released on…

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ines helene

@randysharpswife Outrage culture seems to be the new hobby for some people, constantly seeking something to be offe…

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Geoffrey B Miller, PhD.

Why did the non-binary gold prospector go west? Because there was gold in them/their hills!

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RT @Mr_Prospector: 芦田愛菜「『担当者は今日中って言ってたけど、担当者が明日出- 社したときに納品されてればいいんだよな?🤔』と思いました?- 」 モブ「はい、思いました!」 芦田愛菜「そこで、日立!」

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