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The Free Toy Trial this weekend focuses on our favorite Prospector, Eli! From March 8 to March 11, play with Eli an…

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阪神2R ⑥ゾロ 本馬の2代母 Birthstone は「フリオーソの母 Fursa の半妹」でそれとは 3/4 同血の間柄。 フリオーソは Nashua≒Nantallah のニアリークロス継続としたことが砂競馬向きのパワーの源…

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RT @YachtClubGames: Who is that, lurking silently in the distance? Something new will emerge from the shadows at @officialpaxeast ... https…

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Ted Lieu

This is why the @GOP controlled House Judiciary Committee refused to release the transcripts of Lisa Page, Bruce Oh…

5 days ago

James Woods

This will trigger a #TwitterTsunami from the Democrat pinkos! Trump’s gotta know he has them dancing like cats on a…

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RT @trvpism: daydreaming about stuff that’s probably never going to happen is my favorite hobby

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Christchurch Town Hall show cancelled over shootings

5 days ago