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Killzone 2   ps3 Killzone 2 Games Killzone 2 Two years after the Helghast assault on Vekta, the ISA is bringing…

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Going over 2010-2019 games and so far, 2013 was pretty good. Luigis Manstion BioShock Infinite The Last of Us Pikm…

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@powerpraline Nier Automata, the remakes of RE2 & RE3, Yakuza 0, Ni No Kuni 2, Monster Hunter World, and FF7 Remake…

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Rose (QA Mommy) Willard

2014: Infamous: Second Son I really liked the Infamous games on PS3 so I was excited for this. I could have went…

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Yall remember Onlyusemeblade?!? Geez what in the world happened...i used to watch from back in the PS3 days

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